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We have received 33 Reviews, Averaging 5 Stars!

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We Open Doors, Make New Keys & Install Locks!

Do You Need A Brooklyn Locksmith?

  • Do you need to open a locked car or regular door?
  • Do you need new locks?
  • Has someone stolen your keys and you need new keys and locks?
  • Is your purse or wallet locked in the car?
  • Are you wanting to upgrade your locks?
  • Did you find an old treasure chest and need it opened? :-)

Are You In A Locksmithing Emergency?

If You Want To Get In A Locked Anything, You Need An Experienced Locksmith.

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I Offer All Locksmith Services!

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Generally, I can be at your home, car or business within an hour, often faster.  I can also get you the best locks, keys and any other locksmith service faster than you'd think.



Let's Get You In And On Your Way!

Whether the locksmith service you need is getting you in your car or home, or you need new commercial locks installed, I can make this happen for you so you can have a better day!


You Need Experience. DDD Brooklyn Locksmiths Has It.

We are expert locksmiths, not some fly-by-night operation.We have the customer experiences and reviews to prove it and our social media feed is blowing up with good reports. We won't let you down.  I promise!

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We Are Locksmiths That Provide:

1. Fast, Reliable service anywhere in New York.

2. Expertise. So you know we can get you in without a hassle.

3. Reasonable pricing, and we can tell you, usually on the phone, what will need to be done.

4. We are trusted locksmiths in the area.

5. We won't rip you off.

6. We'll take care of your property.

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Recent Reviews

Manuel Bonilla

Brooklyn, NY

Date: Jul 13, 2017
Best locksmith Brooklyn. Highly recommended. Great prices

"Best Locksmith Brooklyn"

Lizzie Hanes

Brooklyn, NY

Date: Jul 19, 2017
Dennis saved everything! He was so prompt and professional. It was 11:15 pm and he arrived in 20 minutes, which I was super impressed with. He solved the issue in less than 30 minutes and was so kind and thoughtful. I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks, Dennis!

"Kind And Thoughtful"

Jacquie Marynowski

Brooklyn, NY

Date: Jul 19, 2017
Dennis was prompt and professional. Excellent service!

"Excellent service!"

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DDD Brooklyn Locksmiths

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No Drilling!

Unless you have a high-end lock that resists picking, bumping or other common ways to unlock a door, your lock won't need to be drilled.

If any other locksmith has said it does, DON'T BELIEVE THEM! By using DDD Brooklyn, you can save yourself tons of money and time by getting your locks properly smithed in a short time.


There Aren't Many Good Locksmiths Anymore

You Are Lucky You Found Us, Because We Are Great!

You Know You Need To...

Call DDD Brooklyn Locksmiths to get your lock opened, your locks replaced, your keys re-cut, your locks re-keyed, or new locks installed.

We open car locks, home locks, business locks, and even safes (though we do not move them, sorry!).

We are fast and efficient, but also honest and reliable.  You cannot ask for more in a locksmith.

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DDD Brooklyn Locksmiths

Brooklyn, NY 11206


Just so you know, I am a local New Yorker and am really looking forward to helping you out! Sometimes it seems like NYC is full of rude people just interested in themselves, but I am really trying to change that.

Join me, won't you?


1. What can I expect to pay you?


Many "locksmiths" put a $19 service call ad up on Google or wherever.  Did you know it usually costs up to $25 per click on those ads? They will be out of business fast, unless they pull a bait and switch where they will charge you hundreds of dollars more than they said.

Usually they'll say that it was more complicated than they thought. What a lie!

For auto lockouts, I generally charge about $80, depending on distance from me. As for everything else, it really depends on what is going on.  However, I will arrive ready to work, but give you a full estimate of cost when I get there, after I see the problem, to let you know what needs to happen.

2. I have to turn the lock very hard to get it to lock. Any reason?


In this situation, you need to know when the lock was originally installed.  If it is not arming easily, then it is typically because it was installed in the dead of winter or the heat of summer and the natural expansion and contraction of the mechanism is causing it to malfunction. Also, age can have this same effect.

Typically, a minor adjustment is the locksmith service we would provide for this lock, not a new one!

3. My keys were stolen! Should I have all of my locks changed?


Not necessarily, though you do want new keys.

Basically, you have two options: replace the lock set or have it re-keyed.

When you replace your lock set, the entire assembly is removed, including knobs, bolts, etc.

By re keying, we replace the tumbler itself.  This keeps your current lock in place, but we make it so a new key will open it. This is the most cost-effective method, too!

4. Are you a mobile locksmith? What does that mean?


Yes! DDD Brooklyn Locksmiths is fully mobile.  That just means we bring the locksmith shop and can complete (almost) any job at your site.  For the few things we cannot do there, we can at least deliver and install the last part of the locksmith service.

5. Who answers my call?


I do! I'm Dennis, the owner and operator of DDD Brooklyn Locksmiths. I will also usually be the one to meet you at your home or car. If not me, then it will be another of my employees, but we'll be sure to tell you who will meet you on our phone.

6. What payments do you accept for your locksmith services in Brooklyn?


Whether in Brooklyn or not, we cannot accept personal checks.  However, cash and major credit cards are happily accepted.