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Cities: Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, The Bronx, Long Island

Counties: New York (All Boroughs), Nassau County

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I Unlock Cars, Homes, Businesses, Even Safes!

Why Do YOU Need A Locksmith?

  • Help! I've locked myself out of my car.
  • I locked myself out of my home or apartment.
  • My business's doors are locked and I need to get in.
  • My safe won't open!
  • I need my key fob fixed.
  • I need new locks on my doors!

You Need To Stop The Frustration.

Without Proper Know-How, You Will Seriously Damage A Lock

Call Dennis the Brooklyn Locksmith To Unlock That Door For You

How Soon?

I will be able to unlock your door immediately upon arrival.

Our services are 24 Hours/Day. If you have emergency locksmith service needs, we're the ones to call for FAST RESPONSE!

Reaching THE BEST Locksmith in Brooklyn, NY has never been easier.


Who Will You Speak With?

Hi! I'm Dennis the Brooklyn Locksmith!  I'm a locksmith who has helped thousands of customers.

I'll answer your call and help you get on with your life.

Thanks for calling!

I Have Tons Of Expertise In Locksmithing

Don't get your car damaged by an amateur. Or worse... a friend who doesn't know what they are doing. Call Dennis Instead!

I and we have experience, training and even licensing indicating our expertise. Not to mention I've got a great record of getting the job done right.


Why Use Dennis Brooklyn Locksmith:

1. Reliability: When I say I will be there, I will.

2. Speed: I get to you fast and get done working pretty quickly, too.

3. Professionalism: From upfront pricing to integrity, I strive for professional service!

4. Courtesy: I've been in your situation, before, so I treat all customers well.

5. Quality Work: I promise no real damage and your locks will still work!

6. Best of all, you get unlocked and on your way!

Let's Prove It To You.

These Recent Jobs Show My Experience

I know it can be hard to trust a locksmith, so I wanted to highlight some of my recent work so you can see for yourself what I do and maybe a little of the response to it!

Here Are The 3 Most Recent Locksmith Jobs

See Even More Jobs In The "Reviews" Area

Let Me Know If You'd Like Proof When I Come, Too

More Proof With Testimonials

Satisfied Customers Share Their Feelings

Dennis Poline

Brooklyn, NY

Date: May 18, 2019
Superb Locksmith Service!

Cal Smith

Brooklyn, NY

Date: Mar 30, 2019
I was locked out of my apartment and they were there within the hour of my call! They opened the door and got me home safe! Thank you so much. My locksmith was Dennis. He looks like a big teddy bear so I felt safe! Thank you guys.

Carlos Tevez

Staten Island, NY

Date: Feb 11, 2019
Great experience with these guys. Thank you.

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DDD Brooklyn Locksmiths

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How Much Is It?

Since every lockout situation is different, the price could be different, too. However, I will give you a quote that I'll stand by and won't do any work until you approve it!

If something surprising happens, I'll let you know before I do any work so there won't be any surprises on your bill.

Save My Number In Your Phone

You Never Know When A Lockout May Occur

Really, What Have You Got To Lose?

You know you need a locksmith.

I can get you in and going fast without damaging the door or lock.

I am also professional and courteous.

Call Dennis Now!

I'll Get You In & Going Quickly!

Call Us: (347) 673-0898

Text Us: (347) 673-0898

Email Us

Send Us A Written Letter

DDD Brooklyn Locksmiths

Brooklyn, NY 11206


By the way, I do rekeys and key fobs, too. I'll even change out your locks for you and  scores of other locksmithing services so you'll never need to find a specialist again.


1. Why aren't your prices published?


I need to know what I am getting into before I make a promise of price. If, for instance, I thought the job was one type of lock but found out that the locks used were completely different, I might have to charge differently.

However, I am very competitive and will always work with you to get the best price on the situation. That's why I want you to call me.

2. Are you available, even in the middle of the night?


Yes! We are a 24-hour lockout service. Many lockouts happen at night and I want to serve customers as best I can, especially when the weather turns either cold in winter or sweltering in summer.

3. Are there locksmith services you don't do?


No, not really. There are certain automotive keys that I won't reprogram, but I have a partner for those jobs. So I can do any type of service. Here is a list of common locksmith services I perform:

Home: lockout service, replace deadbolts, replace standard locks, install new door jammer locks, mailbox locks, rekey locks, deadbolt repair, emergency locksmithing, garage door locks, patio door lock repair, lock replacement, safe unlocking, slide and barrel bolt installs, etc.

Business: commercial lockout, commercial door locksmithing, safe unlocking, rekey commercial locks, etc.

Car: auto lockouts, key fob replacement, key making, lock repair, car key replacement, replace (remake) lost car keys, car key programming, ignition key replacement, motorcycle key or motorcycle lock service,

4. Are you local?


Yes! I, Dennis (the owner), live right here in Brooklyn and was raised nearby, too. I know this borough well and love this town! When I say I can get to you fast, the only thing that slows me down is traffic (even then, only at certain times of the day.)

So whether you are replacing locks in Forest Hills (yes, Queens, technically) or locked out of your car at Coney Island, I've got you covered!

You'll rarely have to wait more than 1/2 hour for me to get there and get you on your way.

5. What guarantees do you have?


I guarantee I'll get your door open and, if I am replacing or installing locks, that the lock will be installed and function properly,. If it doesn't work right, I'll replace it!

The only things I cannot absolutely guarantee are no property damage (it it very, very rare, though), and, on some types of locks, perfect function after the lock has been unlocked. Certain locks really resist unlocking without the original key, but I am good so that is rare.

I'll let you know before hand if your lock will pose problems like that.